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Welcome to WinxClub.com, the official online site for all Winx Club related resources! This site is designed to provide a safe, fun, and exciting place for children to play online.



Rainbow asks the parents or guardians of children to monitor them while they are on-line, and to participate in the interactive activities offered on the site. When a young person asks to be registered, we ask him/her to insert his/her parents’ mailing address and we forward them a message asking for their agreement to registration and to the use of the personal data we will receive. The parents themselves, by replying to our request, will limit the range of the consented use.

No information will be used or sent to Rainbow or to affiliated companies without the parents’/legal guardian’s agreement. No personal data will be used for promotional or marketing purposes by Rainbow or by affiliated companies without the explicit agreement of the parents/legal guardian.

If a visitor wishes to receive information on the site’s updates, activities or news connected to Rainbow or the affiliated companies, we will only provide this information if the parent/legal guardian authorizes us when giving consent.


Before registering the visitor, if the visitor is under 18, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the visitor’s parents or guardian, thus any under-18 visitors who wish to register will have to supply their parents’ mailing address. Once consent is obtained and the registration has been effected, this mailing address will be used to send the parents copies of communications made from time to time to the registered users. If the parents decide not to give their consent they will have to reply to the above.


Rainbow Media Pte. Ltd.. according to Italian Law no. 196/2003, article no. 13 of the protection of data code ("the Code") regarding personal data protection, notes the following:

The data submitted when you register with Winx Club ("data"), may be collected, recorded, organized, kept, processed, modified, selected, extracted, compared, used, combined, blocked, communicated, cancelled and destroyed ("use"), in compliance with legal regulations, with privacy obligations, and according to the choices made when confirming consent to the use of personal data.

The personal data will be used for the purposes hereinafter indicated, which may also be connected and instrumental to Rainbow’s business, and in particular for purposes of: sales, marketing, promotional, statistical, dispatch of advertising and informative material, direct sales, product placement and service activities (only if expressly authorized) as well as permitting the visitors to take part in Club activities and enjoy its services. With regard to the aforementioned purposes, the data will be processed by manual, computerized and/or telematic means, and in any case by means suitable to guarantee security and confidentiality. Rainbow Media Pte. Ltd.. will own the processed data. The data can be communicated for the aforementioned purposes, to individuals or legal entities, institutions or consortia associated with Rainbow, in order to supply processing, instrumental or supporting services, and in particular: companies which carry out computer, accounting, commercial, managerial, insurance, banking and financial, expert, advisory, legal services, associations, public administration offices, universities and research centers. The data may also be communicated to companies controlled and/or connected to Rainbow, even indirectly. The list of the aforementioned subjects can be requested to Rainbow Media Pte. Ltd..'s offices.

Personal data can be transferred abroad. Rainbow Media Pte. Ltd.. also notes that the interested parties may invoke the rights conferred by article 7 of the law, that is:


  • the right to know about the existence of their personal data, even if not registered yet, and to obtain the intelligible communication of these data and of their origin, of their purposes and ways of treatment and of the logics applied in case of treatment carried out through electronicv devices; the request can be repeated, except justified reasons, after and not before 90 days;
  • the right to obtain the identifying details about: the owner, the persons in charge and the appointed representative; about the the subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or who can know them as appointed representative in the territory of the State, or the persons in charge;
  • the right to obtain the deletion, modification in anonymous manner or the block of the data treated in breach of the law, including those for which it is not necessary the conservation connected to the purposes for which they were collected and treated;
  • the right to obtain the updating, the amendment or, if necessary, the integration of the data;
  • the right to obtain the statement that the aforementioned operations have been aknowledged, as to their content, by the persons to whom the data have been communicated, except when this proves impossible or it needs an emplyment of means which is clearly disproportional to the protected right;
  • the right to oppose completely or in part to the treatment of theirpersonal data, even if these data are still pertinent to the purpose for which they were collected. In particular you can object to any illegal use or that carried out for sales information purposes, to the receipt of advertising material, direct sales material or interactive sales communication.

Rainbow notes that the communication of personal data is optional. Nevertheless any refusal to authorize its use or communicate it to the above listed categories will mean that access to some website pages will not be possible.

Rainbow may not process sensitive data (in accordance with article 26 of the Code); therefore do not insert in any boxes or e-mails sent to us any personal data pertaining to your ethnic origin, religious, philosophical, or other beliefs, political opinions, membership of political parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a philosophical, political, or trade union type, or any information regarding your health or sexual preferences. We may not handle such data and any communication containing such will be rejected.

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