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  • Pegasus


    3 Jan / 22 Jan

    Magical marks

    Great final results at school: you’ll be satisfied with yourself and your family will be proud.

    Tecna suggests:

    relax before you do your holiday homework.

  • Centaur


    23 Jan / 15 Feb

    All together

    You’ll meet someone you haven’t seen for a long time, maybe a faraway relative.

    Bloom suggests:

    listen to what others have to say to you.

  • Dryad


    16 Feb / 10 Mar


    You are a bit sad because you know you’ll miss your schoolmates during the holidays.

    Flora suggests:

    keep in touch with them even during the summer!

  • Phoenix


    11 Mar / 2 Apr

    Hurray for friendship

    Your best friend needs you: listen to her and give her a sincere advice.

    Musa suggests:

    keep a holiday diary with your friends!

  • Griffin


    3 Apr / 24 Apr

    How cheerful

    You are always in a good mood and you feel like doing lots of things: go wild!

    Aisha suggests:

    train in your favourite sport!

  • Satyr


    25 Apr / 18 May

    Deserved relax

    You are tired after a school year, which you put a lot of effort into: get some rest!

    Stella suggests:

    open your wardrobe and create a new look!

  • Elf


    19 May / 10 Jun

    Great start

    School ends in a very good way and holidays begin with a great desire for fun!

    Bloom suggests:

    meet new friends, they’ll last forever.

  • Chimera


    11 Jun / 2 Jul

    Magical wishes

    Happy Birthday: it will be a special party if you spend it with the people you really love!

    Flora suggests:

    hand-write the invitation cards for your party.

  • Hippogriff


    3 Jul / 25 Jul

    Give a hand

    Look around, a person near you needs help. It’s your chance!

    Tecna suggests:

    smile at others and they’ll smile back at you.

  • Mermaid


    26 Jul / 18 Aug

    Precious happiness

    Summer makes you feel happy, don’t let a small hitch ruin your mood.

    Musa suggests:

    If you’re feeling down dance in the mirror.

  • Unicorn


    19 Aug / 10 Sep

    Colourful life

    Finally other people are realizing you’re not just reliable, but also pleasant.

    Stella suggests:

    always choose colourful looks!

  • Nereid


    11 Sep / 2 Oct

    Super goals

    You feel like leaving: remember that the most magical journeys are the ones made with your imagination.

    Aisha suggests:

    if you can, go on foot, rather than by car.

  • Elemental


    3 Oct / 25 Oct

    Love summer

    Summer will bring you...love! Your heart will beat strongly for someone.

    Flora suggests:

    write poems or do some drawings: you are inspired.

  • Salamander


    26 Oct / 18 Nov

    Friends 4ever

    Holidays begin: don’t lose touch with your favourite friends, they are the best!

    Bloom suggests:

    if you go on holiday, send some postcards!

  • Dragon


    19 Nov / 10 Dec

    Home sweet home

    Being with your family will be fun and will give you lots of serenity. Enjoy your relatives.

    Stella suggests:

    make a seashell bracelet.

  • Triton


    11 Dec / 2 Jan

    New friends

    Sometimes you feel like being on your own, but not now! You’ll meet new and nice people.

    Musa suggests:

    learn how to play an instrument.

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