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  • Pegasus


    3 Jan / 22 Jan

    Magical birthday!

    It’s your moment! You’ll celebrate it with your friends and dear ones and it’s going to be wonderful.

    Aisha suggests:

    Organize a party with funny games!

  • Centaur


    23 Jan / 15 Feb

    Time to start again!

    After such a nice holiday break, you don’t really feel like going back to school. Come on, you can do it!

    Flora suggests:

    Doing your homework with a friend is going to help you.

  • Dryad


    16 Feb / 10 Mar

    School is great!

    It’s a lucky moment for school and studies. Good time even within the family: there will be peace!

    Stella suggests:

    Do not forget to take care of your look!

  • Phoenix


    11 Mar / 2 Apr

    Hurray for imagination!

    The year starts with a romantic mood: you really love daydreaming in these days.

    Musa suggests:

    Listen to slow rhythm songs!

  • Griffin


    3 Apr / 24 Apr

    Sweet love!

    A new acquaintance will make your heart beat. Enjoy this magical moment!

    Flora suggests:

    Try to write some poems.

  • Satyr


    25 Apr / 18 May

    Lots of laughter!

    The year starts with a smile. This will be a funny month and it’s going to pass really fast!

    Bloom suggests:

    Spend some time with your best friends!

  • Elf


    19 May / 10 Jun

    Magical goals

    Start the year setting out some goals. At school, at home and with your friends: you are going to achieve them.

    Tecna suggests:

    Tidy up your room, you’ll feel better!

  • Chimera


    11 Jun / 2 Jul

    With an open heart

    You’ll have a misunderstanding with a dear person. Speak to him/her with your heart and everything will be fine!

    Flora suggests:

    You can write a card if you prefer!

  • Hippogriff


    3 Jul / 25 Jul


    The year starts with a lot of energy: all things that are new and that can be done with other people are preferred!

    Aisha suggests:

    Why don’t you try a new sport?

  • Mermaid


    26 Jul / 18 Aug

    Peace is made!

    There are going to be little arguments within your family. Respect the rules and everything will be fine.

    Stella suggests:

    Wear cheerful colours.

  • Unicorn


    19 Aug / 10 Sep

    Super friends!

    What a lucky moment! Especially as far the relationship with your friends is concerned: it’s getting stronger and stronger!

    Bloom suggests:

    Why don’t you bake a cake together?

  • Nereid


    11 Sep / 2 Oct

    Magic love!

    A romantic month is starting for you! Your heart will beat strongly for a new boy.

    Musa suggests:

    Listen to rock songs: they’ll give you the right boost.

  • Elemental


    3 Oct / 25 Oct

    New arrivals!

    Some news is coming: maybe someone coming from far away.

    Tecna suggests:

    Greet everybody with a smile.

  • Salamander


    26 Oct / 18 Nov

    Magical love!

    You like someone or someone likes you: love is in the foreground!

    Stella suggests:

    Add a romantic detail to your look.

  • Dragon


    19 Nov / 10 Dec

    A good start!

    The new year is starting with a lot of serenity: in your family and with your friends.

    Bloom suggests:

    Spend some time with your family!

  • Triton


    11 Dec / 2 Jan


    Getting back to school and to all your tasks after the holidays knocks you down, but luck is on your side!

    Aisha suggests:

    Go swimming or do a lot of walking: it’ll cheer you up.

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