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  • Pegasus


    3 Jan / 22 Jan

    In good company

    You don't like winter very much and you feel like having fun: Spend time with your friends!

    Bloom suggests:

    Win over a small fear, you can make it!

  • Centaur


    23 Jan / 15 Feb

    It's going great!

    A very magical month for school! Your efforts will be rewarded!

    Musa suggests:

    Take a hot bath listening to music.

  • Dryad


    16 Feb / 10 Mar

    What an artist!

    This month you'll be very inspired: Dedicate yourself to art! Write, paint, create!

    Aisha suggests:

    Do some stretching exercises at the end of the day.

  • Phoenix


    11 Mar / 2 Apr

    Hurray for love!

    Romantic month. Your heart will beat fast for a boy: It's the magic of love!

    Tecna suggests:

    Write down the things you have to do, so you won't forget them!

  • Griffin


    3 Apr / 24 Apr

    It's all right.

    A small disappointment won't ruin the magic of this special month.

    Flora suggests:

    Write about a nice thing that happened to you.

  • Satyr


    25 Apr / 18 May

    Great serenity

    Your are being successful and not just at school! The atmosphere in your family will be as sweet as ever.

    Bloom suggests:

    Cook with your mum, it's going to be fun!

  • Elf


    19 May / 10 Jun

    Great discoveries

    You are attracted by mysteries and this month you'll find out something very interesting.

    Stella suggests:

    Do you like fashion? Draw some clothes.

  • Chimera


    11 Jun / 2 Jul

    You can make it!

    It's a successful moment for you. Your willpower will make you overcome a test.

    Musa suggests:

    Write down the lyrics of your favourite song.

  • Hippogriff


    3 Jul / 25 Jul


    You are going to feel a bit tired. Don't pretend you are not, just take some time and relax.

    Stella suggests:

    Throw a beauty-party with your friends.

  • Mermaid


    26 Jul / 18 Aug


    You can understand the others and their needs. It's a gift that will help you a lot.

    Flora suggests:

    Every night, write down 3 magical things that happened to you during the day.

  • Unicorn


    19 Aug / 10 Sep

    Very good at school

    A month fully dedicated to school! You will enjoy doing projects and researches, although you wouldn't have thought so!

    Tecna suggests:

    Study with a friend every now and again, it's fun!

  • Nereid


    11 Sep / 2 Oct

    Everybody loves you

    Sometimes you are feeling down and lonely: Look around, lots of people love you!

    Aisha suggests:

    A bit of exercise? Use the stairs and not the elevator.

  • Elemental


    3 Oct / 25 Oct

    Dear ones

    You feel like cuddles! Talk about it with your best friend and your parents: They will understand you.

    Bloom suggests:

    Prepare a magical snack for your friend.

  • Salamander


    26 Oct / 18 Nov

    Good news

    You are good and you can overcome any test! Face the news with enthusiasm.

    Musa suggests:

    Try a new activity, it's going to be successful.

  • Dragon


    19 Nov / 10 Dec

    Magical wishes!

    A magical and surprising birthday! An unexpected person will wish you happy birthday.

    Flora suggests:

    Throw a theme birthday party.

  • Triton


    11 Dec / 2 Jan

    Get ready for the best!

    Good news and successes are coming! News as far as love and friendship are concerned and successes as far as school is concerned.

    Aisha suggests:

    Go wild dancing our song!

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