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  • Pegasus


    3 Jan / 22 Jan

    Green relax

    You feel like relaxing outside, in plein air. It will give you the energy you need.

    Flora suggests:

    take care of a little plant.

  • Centaur


    23 Jan / 15 Feb

    Words, words

    If a friend disappoints you, don’t be sad: she hasn’t betrayed you, it was just a misunderstanding.

    Bloom suggests:

    express your feelings sincerely.

  • Dryad


    16 Feb / 10 Mar

    Hurray for friends!

    You’ll have a magical time with your friends. Because you are super best friends!

    Aisha suggests:

    prepare a Winx choreography.

  • Phoenix


    11 Mar / 2 Apr

    What a nice family!

    Serenity within your parents and family: a nice occasion will bring you all together. Good even with your friends.

    Musa suggests:

    have fun with the karaoke: who sings best?

  • Griffin


    3 Apr / 24 Apr

    Magical wishes!

    The month of your birthday is always a lucky month. And so is this year!

    Tecna suggests:

    asks only for hand-made presents.

  • Satyr


    25 Apr / 18 May

    Sweet words

    If there’s something wrong, talks to a friend about it. She’ll know the right words to tell you!

    Stella suggests:

    match pink and yellow: you’ll be very original!

  • Elf


    19 May / 10 Jun

    Sweet thoughts

    There will be a serene family atmosphere and you’ll teach something to someone!

    Bloom suggests:

    write a sweet thought to your parents.

  • Chimera


    11 Jun / 2 Jul

    Top marks

    You’ll get the success you deserve at school and your family will be proud of your results.

    Musa suggests:

    help a schoolmate in need.

  • Hippogriff


    3 Jul / 25 Jul

    Good results in the offing

    Put a little bit more effort in your studies and you’ll get the results you are waiting for.

    Aisha suggests:

    go and play outside after studying.

  • Mermaid


    26 Jul / 18 Aug

    Many surprises

    How many surprises in this beautiful month! Keep ready for positive changes.

    Musa suggests:

    try to write a song!

  • Unicorn


    19 Aug / 10 Sep

    Magical love!

    You are radiant and smiling: you’ll have lots of admires this spring.

    Bloom suggests:

    be kind to others and they’ll open up their heart to you.

  • Nereid


    11 Sep / 2 Oct

    At full rhythm

    You are very busy and full of beans. Rest every now and again, though!

    Stella suggests:

    throw a beauty party with your friends.

  • Elemental


    3 Oct / 25 Oct

    Slow and steady...

    If you think there is something you can’t do, you’re wrong. With small steps, you can achieve everything.

    Tecna suggests:

    get used to ask for help if you need it.

  • Salamander


    26 Oct / 18 Nov

    Open your heart

    Be honest with a dear person and tell him/her what’s in your heart.

    Flora suggests:

    pick up some flowers and give them to someone you care about.

  • Dragon


    19 Nov / 10 Dec


    Are you falling in love? Let yourself go to romanticism: it’s a heart-shaped month!

    Musa suggests:

    listen to a song that makes you cheerful.

  • Triton


    11 Dec / 2 Jan

    One for all

    Friendship is privileged: spend more time with your friends and share your secrets!

    Bloom suggests:

    organize a Winx Club with your friends.

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