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Stella: Bedroom Special!

Hi, my dear fashion fairies!
I'm going to show you the secrets to having the most up-to-date bedroom..Just like me!



Multicolor pillows!
They have to be crazy comfortable and suuuuuper softso you can lounge on them and chat with your friends.
Plus, there is always a pillow fight at my pyjama parties! 




A glittering tiara!
I always keep it handy… an accessory that makes me magical!




Stellar poufs!
You can get poufs in every shape, size and color and make you room U-NI-QUE! I chose star shapes… can you guess why ;) ?




Animal Luggage!
Big... very big, to contain enough dresses (I need at least 10 at all times!). It's perfect to bring a touch of fashion wherever you travel!



This is only the ground floor, of course…do you want to check out the upstairs? Don't worry Fairies, I'll show you it all in the upcoming weeks! For now,
it's your turn…tell me what makes your bedroom special!



  • on 18 January, 2018 - 04:40 FonceeFaerie writes

    looks totally you. Beautiful tiara, they always go with everything

  • on 17 December, 2017 - 22:47 ♥Alecrim♥ writes

    My bedroom is not special... :/ But a day will be.

  • on 4 November, 2017 - 11:38 0302diana writes

    I have five tiaras because I participe at fashion shows for kids.

  • on 19 June, 2017 - 07:27 flora4224 writes

    wow!! I wish my room was like that

  • on 24 May, 2017 - 13:04 lunianaheart writes

    Stella ur bedroom is awesome!!!!

  • on 16 May, 2017 - 21:59 maydream writes

    pyjama parties ? a pillow fight ??? Yeeeeeeeeees !!!!!

  • on 12 May, 2017 - 09:08 StellaSolarium writes


  • on 11 May, 2017 - 04:46 StellaSolarium writes

    Stella I adore you and I think that you have the coolest room!

  • on 15 April, 2017 - 10:52 worrior writes

    thanks stella, i don't have a bedroom.......yet. i want a bedroom with pink wallpaper, a bed with a LOTS of pillows,i want a table by the window with a beautiful view and photos of my family , posters and stickers on the wall. and i love your room . it very beautiful.

  • on 6 February, 2017 - 15:13 Lunalumi writes

    ur bedroom is very stylish and girly, just like mine :3

  • on 4 January, 2017 - 12:00 ImaWinx22 writes

    Wow ur bedroom is just like u......awesome and sunny and starry and sooo youu....... I have a cupboard filled with dolls I used to play with before and now

  • on 4 December, 2016 - 21:06 auriellelove88 writes

    I have a bulletin board on my wall to put all my favorite pictures, and of course Winx posters!

  • on 2 December, 2016 - 10:45 pinksbloom writes

    for me your room is little messy but thanks for some tips

  • on 1 December, 2016 - 11:33 Faith16 writes


  • on 31 October, 2016 - 00:11 catsglow123 writes

    thanks for some tips

  • on 10 October, 2016 - 09:28 Daimondfairy writes

    I dont still have a bedroom of my own.But i have planned it what will it look like.My room will have bed,dressing table,closet,study desk and the room will be decorated with lots of glow stickers,winx posters.I already have some winx stickers.BTW i will get a room in next year.

  • on 19 September, 2016 - 00:31 Zorxina writes

    My bedroom is special because it has Winx posters, a dog and cat fur covered bed (I love my pets), and lots of stuffed toys!

  • on 13 September, 2016 - 05:36 ♬♪MUSA♪♬ writes

    Like your bedroom, stella

  • on 5 September, 2016 - 14:28 XuanSara writes

    it is soooooooo lovely i like it (:

  • on 11 August, 2016 - 14:17 pinksbloom writes

    it is really very special for a fashion designer

  • on 30 June, 2016 - 17:39 ManoLeo writes

    Can't wait for more ideas!

  • on 11 June, 2016 - 18:30 Han2 writes

    As you would say Stella,this fantabulous!

  • on 8 April, 2016 - 03:46 kadez writes

    Pleaaaaseee post part 2

  • on 3 January, 2016 - 16:06 stellaregina writes

    like your room Stella

  • on 30 December, 2015 - 12:50 varteeka writes

    Stella you are awesome

  • on 15 December, 2015 - 00:08 Oohlalapear writes

    Your room is so cool! I think you are the best fairy of them all.

  • on 19 November, 2015 - 00:24 Destiny3 writes

    Hi Stella! I love your bedroom! What makes my bedroom special is the decorations. There are butterflies and posters of you Winx!

  • on 14 November, 2015 - 02:08 ArdhanaHW17 writes

    Nice room Stella! That's so glamor girl flavor everywhere!

  • on 6 November, 2015 - 04:46 ltherezine41 writes

    o stella i have a tiara of real gold

  • on 5 November, 2015 - 13:14 adweta writes

    Perfect room for a princess of Saloria

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