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Introducing myself: I’m Musa!




Hello fairies, I’m Musa, the fairy of Music, and today I’m inviting you to my page at Winx rhythm! 






Just click here and you will start navigating in a sea of notes and you’ll find everything about me, with my identity card and my diary!




I’m very reserved, but I love being together with my Winx friends! In my bedroom there are lots of musical objects, instruments and sheet musics! Tecna, my best friend, on the opposite, is always so tidy... how can she be like that?


I’ll tell you my most secret dream: singing in a theatre the musical compositions my mother wrote!

There’s a lot more to find out about me: click here and explore my world! 



  • on 2 April, 2018 - 19:05 Floramarinet writes

    Hello Musa Now spring is starting. As festivals are celebrated again. Do Winx celebrate spring festivals in Alfea? Are you still writing new music for the Winx Band? And do the Winx give concerts again? That would be cool. With many greetings and kisses from your Earth fairies friend Floramarinet

  • on 12 March, 2018 - 01:44 MeekaWinx writes

    Loved your tribute song to your dad Musa!

  • on 7 March, 2018 - 02:40 MeekaWinx writes

    Love you musa!

  • on 10 February, 2018 - 20:35 LoveNikki2 writes

    what is ur fave music, Musa? I like pop.

  • on 30 January, 2018 - 20:58 Anshulwinx writes

    Hi MUSA, Belated happy birthday to the Winx Club. 14 years for friendship, loyalty, mutual respect and togetherness. Best wished. love you.

  • on 28 January, 2018 - 20:09 Ariana200316 writes

    woooow.musa is a perfect girl! i love her

  • on 12 January, 2018 - 12:48 AnanyaM writes

    I also love music like you..........and i have a question for you...which is your fav winx club song .

  • on 8 January, 2018 - 18:53 Floramarinet writes

    Hello Musa You are a great fairy. I like your music and also the songs you write for the band. I also play piano and keyboard. But unfortunately not in a band. Your earth fairies girlfriend Floramarinet

  • on 2 January, 2018 - 11:29 Trxcyy writes

    I love you musa~Tracy from singapore on earth

  • on 17 December, 2017 - 01:16 ♥Alecrim♥ writes

    I admire you a lot! Your personality is amazing rsr like mine.

  • on 10 November, 2017 - 10:13 JazlynAu1 writes


  • on 31 October, 2017 - 21:17 0302diana writes

    I hear your voice and I know it is deep in my heart!

  • on 31 October, 2017 - 11:00 0302diana writes

    Happy Hallowinx, Musa!

  • on 27 August, 2017 - 15:29 vodkafeelings writes

    cool musa

  • on 25 August, 2017 - 10:30 kleits writes

    Hi musa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • on 25 July, 2017 - 14:20 saranaya writes

    Musa , You are my favourite fairy, Fairy of Music, I love u

  • on 11 July, 2017 - 17:24 Daria2011 writes

    Happy birthday to you musa . May your sweet voice conquer all the happiness of the universd and your wishes r fullfilled . I love u so much

  • on 7 July, 2017 - 06:31 enchantedgreen10 writes

    I really hope Riven returns in future seasons. The Winx Club is not the same without him. I was devastated when Riven left. Even though him and Musa argue a lot, they were made for each other and they belong together! Please bring them back together! He has had enough time off already. Bring him back !

  • on 2 July, 2017 - 15:44 maydream writes

    Hi Musa you are a super musical fairy. I also do a little music. I can't do it as well as you do. The music of the Winx Band is also great. I hear your music almost every day. It would be really great. If I could do some music with the Winx. Many greetings Maydream

  • on 19 June, 2017 - 07:51 flora4224 writes

    you are such a good singer!!

  • on 19 June, 2017 - 02:55 flora4224 writes

    In the card there was a picture of you when you were little, you were so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • on 4 June, 2017 - 15:13 Srock511 writes

    love you musa.........loooovvvveeee your songs verrrryyyy much

  • on 30 May, 2017 - 08:27 ImaWinx22 writes

    Happy Birthday Musa!!!! May you have a fun filled birthday filled with music!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to the mastermind behind you Winx, Iginio Straffi, too!!!!!!

  • on 30 May, 2017 - 06:57 pinksbloom writes

    Happy birthday to you musa . May your sweet voice conquer all the happiness of the universd and your wishes r fullfilled . I love u so much

  • on 12 May, 2017 - 09:07 StellaSolarium writes


  • on 11 May, 2017 - 19:59 maydream writes

    I Love Musa!!!

  • on 10 May, 2017 - 13:56 dreamixmusa writes

    i love musa so much !!

  • on 22 April, 2017 - 13:55 niveditha03648 writes

    your cards are really amazing.especially "when dreams come true".

  • on 3 April, 2017 - 20:48 KittyP1000 writes

    I love your sirenix transformation Musa

  • on 2 April, 2017 - 12:48 0302diana writes


chiudi you won