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Interview the Winx: Bloom’s answers!

Hurray! After Flora, Musa, Stella and Aisha, today it’s my turn to answer your questions!

Let’s get started!

How much do you love Kiko?

I adore Kiko! He’s so cute and funny... He is my favourite adventure mate!

The other Winx love him too, he’s our mascot!

What is the best dish you cooked?

After a lot of practice, I’m now very good at baking pizzas... of all kind!

What is the thing you like the most at Alfea?

My bedroom, of course! It is the place that better represents me and where I can relax a bit after school!

Can you give us an advice to become a good fairy?

Always believe in magic.

Keep on writing us, fairies! Next month, it’s Tecna’s turn.



  • on 14 January, 2018 - 16:42 AnanyaM writes

    bloom which is your favorite coffee ?

  • on 14 January, 2018 - 16:41 AnanyaM writes

    Bloom which is your favorite pizza ?

  • on 14 January, 2018 - 16:40 AnanyaM writes

    bloom what is your favorite cake flavor ?

  • on 16 December, 2017 - 15:11 ❤️Bloom❤️ writes

    Happy birthday Bloom! I hope you have a good life!

  • on 21 November, 2017 - 19:20 winxclubfanforlife writes

    you are my favorite winx!

  • on 13 November, 2017 - 21:25 SquidDaddy writes

    I hope someone else like maybe Brandon or Roxy does some interview !

  • on 30 October, 2017 - 18:16 0302diana writes

    Bloom nothing can replace you...

  • on 22 October, 2017 - 10:25 Srock511 writes

    when will you marry sky?

  • on 26 September, 2017 - 13:35 bloom654646 writes

    Bloom you are the best❤❤

  • on 28 August, 2017 - 19:03 manasi writes


  • on 5 August, 2017 - 21:31 maydream writes

    Hello Bloom. How is my favorite fairy? I hope You are fine. My holidays are slowly coming to an end. Spend your holiday in the magical dimension, or on the earth. Are you together with Sky, or with the other Winx Girls. It would be so great to spend a few days with you. Now I am in the Winx club. Here I can see you all. I will text you soon. Until then. All the best for you and the other Winx. Maydream

  • on 1 August, 2017 - 17:59 pinksbloom writes

    Bloom nothing can replace you...

  • on 21 July, 2017 - 20:24 MyBloom200 writes

    hello bloom. i'm 17 and yet a really big fan. i would really love to know about your future with sky. Plzzzzz do tell

  • on 3 July, 2017 - 19:28 Miracle2880 writes

    I watching winx since I was little and I am 14 now and still love ps your my favourite

  • on 1 July, 2017 - 18:19 pinksbloom writes

    Bloom you re really amazing and myfavourite fairy

  • on 30 June, 2017 - 18:30 bellao writes

    Love You

  • on 29 June, 2017 - 18:57 pinksbloom writes

    Bloom your answers are really amazing and immensely great . I am 13 andi still love watching winx club .

  • on 29 June, 2017 - 18:56 pinksbloom writes

    I was seeing the mystery of the abyss. It was really a difficult spin after all . Does your friends know about politea . I heard mystery of the abyss is the third movie and fourth movie would be the last one . Please dont stop making those movies , they are really amazing of course . I liked the way stella was being funny and all her fashion glasses . I liked all your decisions and ideas and the way through oblivion was really a dengerous way to the infinite ocean . Sky was improsoned just because he wasa young ruler . The pearl of depths was really beautiful . You are my fav fairy Bloom

  • on 10 June, 2017 - 03:24 Snowfrost78 writes

    Can you tell Roxy Happy Birthday? Thanks :D

  • on 5 June, 2017 - 10:16 Srock511 writes

    when are you and sky getting married?

  • on 2 June, 2017 - 19:47 AishaAn writes

    I have ask: 1)which: salad or pizza.

  • on 1 June, 2017 - 21:52 djamilatbloom writes

    bloom i'm sorry to ask you this questions where is your parents did you find them

  • on 31 May, 2017 - 16:34 Tamisin writes

    You're my favorite Winx, Bloom! I've been watching you since I was 4 and now I'm 17!

  • on 24 May, 2017 - 13:17 lunianaheart writes

    Everybody here loves the winx, bloom!!! And I love u!!!

  • on 22 May, 2017 - 11:13 0302diana writes

    Thank you, Bloom!

  • on 15 May, 2017 - 22:50 maydream writes

    Hello Bloom You're a super fairy. What do you think about a suggestion of mine,You can talk to Sky about your future. For example also about own children. That would be really great. A good school there is in Alfea and you would be a great mother.

  • on 13 May, 2017 - 15:32 pinksweety writes

    your so awesome

  • on 13 May, 2017 - 11:19 SilverEagle writes

    I will definitely follow your advice and become a better fairy

  • on 13 May, 2017 - 10:28 pinksweety writes

    Bloom what is your favorite smoothie?

  • on 13 May, 2017 - 05:02 pinksweety writes

    Bloom what is your favorite food you already tasted

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