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If you dream about flying...like fairies!



Fairies, even this time you flew all night long!

Or were you a rock star? In your dreams, of course!




Read this list of the most common dreams and find out their meaning:



Dreaming you are flying: it indicates sense of freedom. Your life is nice and peaceful, both in your dreams and in reality!





Dreaming you are dressed in a strange way: it means you need a change. Try to do something you've never done before: let yourself go a little bit more or change your look!




Dreaming you become a rock star: it means you have a great passion and you feel ready to take off! So, believe in yourselves and dreams will come true!





Dreaming you are falling down: it is a feeling rather than a dream. When the body relaxes too much it "wakes you up"...scaring you! I suggest that you drink a relaxing herbal tea before going to sleep!




What is recurring dream, fairies? I'm really curious to know!




  • on 27 February, 2016 - 14:47 Destiny3 writes

    Hi Aisha! I dreamed that I was a fairy flying! Either that or becoming a rock star!

  • on 5 December, 2015 - 04:04 Flitter3911 writes

    i love the song "fly"

  • on 9 November, 2015 - 00:54 Littlemermermaid writes

    My dreams are so crazy and waky. I mostly dream of my favorite TV shows like Winx Club.

  • on 3 October, 2015 - 12:53 bhana writes

    i want to fly like a fairy and also be a fairy...like fairy of innovation and creation i also think my name innovia the fairy of innovation and creation....<3

  • on 24 September, 2015 - 20:24 BFF of flora writes

    cool (FLORA ROCKS)

  • on 23 September, 2015 - 17:23 Rose.Jasmin.Weasley writes

    My dreams are about Tecna recetly

  • on 5 September, 2015 - 00:56 lillyfrog06 writes

    I dream of flying, which doesn't make since because you said if I dreamed I was flying it should be peaceful for me in reality and in dreams, but it isn't peaceful in reality for me.

  • on 22 June, 2015 - 05:13 Adundun writes

    I dreamt that I was falling but also I dreamt I was with a celebrity!!! Hi EVERYBODY!!!

  • on 10 June, 2015 - 23:25 dramaqueen9 writes

    I dreamed once I was falling that was crazy

  • on 7 June, 2015 - 07:50 SparklingIce13 writes

    I dreamed that I was falling and flying at the same time. It didn't make any sense.

  • on 30 May, 2015 - 00:07 stellamagicalfairy writes

    that is awesome!!!

  • on 30 May, 2015 - 00:06 stellamagicalfairy writes

    COOL COOL COOL COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • on 29 May, 2015 - 15:25 ArdhanaHW17 writes

    Whoa, I dreamed that I flew with all the Winx fairies, and meet all my favorite cartoon all-stars in a cartoon realm, just like I drew in my comic!! Also, I dreamed to have a bespoke car for me with all my favorite cars in one!!

  • on 11 May, 2015 - 21:28 KittyP1000 writes

    Wow!Once my sister dreamt of flying and every thing else flying!Even our cat!:D:);)

  • on 13 April, 2015 - 10:14 Stelleries_Musi writes

    I want to have wings like Harmonix its kinda cool and beautiful because of her special effects and its really fun flap and fly in the sky with the Winx! <3

  • on 11 April, 2015 - 19:20 Evaliny writes

    This is great, Aisha! I sometimes dream that I am bloom and I am with the winx saving the world but sometimes I am not with the winx just doing my own adventures and flying but using my arms instead.

  • on 1 April, 2015 - 14:40 new winx club writes

    jasephia,i think your dream means that you are very brave and powerful especially when your friends are with you.

  • on 14 February, 2015 - 21:02 Moon_power writes

    I dreamt of flying

  • on 14 February, 2015 - 10:40 Jack1305 writes

    I would want to have my own airplain that i can fly

  • on 7 February, 2015 - 11:01 new winx club writes

    i got a dream about flying like the winx and also about being a mermaid.

  • on 7 February, 2015 - 09:23 Marceline_Saga writes


  • on 3 February, 2015 - 02:15 Gaby_Kate writes

    i dream of the winx club

  • on 18 January, 2015 - 12:44 chichibelle writes

    Falling down

  • on 25 December, 2014 - 18:59 yas_maddah writes


  • on 6 December, 2014 - 20:29 Stella8152 writes

    i dream to because a winx fairy

  • on 4 December, 2014 - 04:45 rothfyae writes

    I tend to have something called 'lucid dreams'. If I'm not too tired, I can actually control what happens in my dreams! Like, if I want to go to Alfea, I can make myself teleport there, and stuff!

  • on 30 November, 2014 - 14:46 bloomcute. writes

    mostly i saw in dream that i am flying in beautifull place with shining wings. but i know it will never come true

  • on 25 November, 2014 - 11:50 hana27042003 writes

    Dreams that occur again periodically or repeatedly.

  • on 25 November, 2014 - 10:30 Apple_Lee writes


  • on 17 November, 2014 - 22:30 Secela writes

    My dreams are almost always the same, reading a book to cute animals then dancing into the sunset with my Prince Charming.

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