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Winx Magic E-Card


Have fun with the new Winx game and create the web most magical cards!

Winx Magic E-Card

Love and Fashion

Winx Fashion Glasses /vn/minigame/winx-fashion-glasses

Customize Stella's sunglasses and add them to your favorite photos!

1 Love and Fashion 10965 1 0 Winx Nail Shop /vn/minigame/winx-nail-shop

Design your own nails or take up our Winx Nails Challenge!

1 Love and Fashion 10901 2 0 Winx Dress Up /vn/minigame/winx-dress-up 1 Love and Fashion 21699 3 0 Winx Club Love Test /vn/minigame/winx-club-love-test

Find out how well matched your other half and you are!

1 Love and Fashion 10887 4 0


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Winx Club Game

Kiko loves Ice Cream


Help Kiko collect all the ice creams he finds along the way!

Kiko loves Ice Cream

Khả năng

Spot the Difference /vn/minigame/spot-difference

Spot all the Differences between 2 images before time runs out!

3 Ability 10894 1 0 Flora's Garden /vn/minigame/floras-garden

Flora’s missing! Help her to grow and harvest her Flowers before time runs out!

3 Ability 10859 2 0 Gardenia Ice Cream Shop /vn/minigame/gardenia-ice-cream-shop

Help to serve the Fairies with ice-cream before they get angry and walk away!

3 Ability 10852 3 0 Crazy Candy /vn/minigame/crazy-candy

Prove your skills with the sweetest game of the whole Magic Dimension!

3 Ability 10957 4 0
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