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Winx Avatar and MyPage: FAQs

A.  What’s MyPage?

B.  How can I create my own Winx Avatar?

C.  How can I personalize my Winx Avatar?

D.  How can I save my Winx Avatar?

E.   Who can see my Winx Avatar?

F.  What does “Surprise look” mean?

G.  What are top secret contents?

H.  What are Hearts? What do you use them for?

I.   What are Stars? What do you need them for?

J.   Where can I see how many Hearts and Stars I have?

K.  Can I buy Hearts and Stars with real money?

L.  What are Badges? How can I get them?


A. What’s MyPage?

MyPage is your personal area, which you can have access to only if you are registered to the website winxclub.com. In MyPage you can find your Winx Avatar, your scores, unlocked, top secret contents, your conquered Badges and you can have access to the general worldwide best Winx Avatar list!

B. How can I create my own Winx Avatar?

You can create your Winx Avatar by clicking on the button in the homepage. Change its look, personalize it with outfits, accessories and register on the winxclub.com website if you want to save it and if you want to keep on playing with your customized Winx Avatar. If you are not registered yet, sign up here, filling in the registration form.

C. How can I personalize my Winx Avatar?

Once you entered your MyPage, click on “Change your look”. At this point, you’ll be able to select different types of outfits, accessories, hairdos and change your Winx Avatar as you prefer! When you are pleased with the result, save it. You’ll be able to change your Winx Avatar look any time you like!

D. How can I save my Winx Avatar?

In order to save your Winx Avatar, you have to click on “Save” and you have to be registered to the winxclub.com website. If you are not registered, you won’t be able to save your Winx Avatar and all the changes will be lost. 

E. Who can see my Winx Avatar?

Your Winx Avatar will be visible to other users in the following sections: 

- Comments

- Ranking List

F. What does “Surprise look” mean?

Click on the “Surprise Look” button and your Winx Avatar will magically change look, using the objects available in your wardrobe!

G. What are top secret contents?

Top secret contents are characterized by a safety lock icon and you can unlock them only with Hearts! Check how many Hearts you have collected and if you have enough, you can decide to use them to unlock the top secret content you can’t see.

H. What are Hearts? What do you use them for?

Hearts are the website’s virtual currency and you will need them to unlock many top secret contents (outfits for your Winx Avatar, minigames, videos, etc.), which otherwise you won’t have access to. Collecting Hearts is very easy and funny: the more you visit the website, the more you read, the more you play and... the more Hearts you collect! 

I. What are Stars? What do you need them for?

Stars are virtual points that allow you to be part of a special list of the best Winx Avatar all around the world! In order to conquer them, you just need to browse the website, read articles, play minigames...Basically just do as many activities as possible on the website winxclub.com. Unlike Hearts, which are deducted every time you unlock a content, Stars keep on accumulating! The more fun you have browsing the website, the more Stars you’ll get! Stars are also used to obtain Badges, which are the trophies for the real Winx Fans!

J. Where can I see how many Hearts and Stars I have?

You can see how many Hearts and Stars you have gained directly from your MyPage.

K. Can I buy Hearts and Stars with real money?

No, Hearts and Stars are gained by browsing and doing as many activities as possible on the winxclub.com website.

L. What are Badges? How can I get them?

Badges are virtual trophies. You can have a Birthday Badge, a Christmas Badge a Welcome Badge...There are loads of them! How can you get them? That’s the real fun: play, read, browse the website...and soon you’ll have lots of Badges! You will be able to see your conquered Badges directly from your MyPage.

You need to be registered to save your Winx Avatar! Click here and sign up!



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