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Brand new site!

My dear friends! The Winx Club site is bustling with news today! 

Let me show you the part I love best -- the brand new articles' section! It's got a new graphic style and tons of content with the latest fashion trends and -- now you can leave your comments and tell us all about your own experiences!

Ready? Check out the very first article...written by me!


  1. raven904 writes:

    so cool

  2. just me writes:

    i love winx club

  3. princess anaiya writes:


  4. lulufrozen writes:

    stella your the most shining sun and can you show me the lastest fashion i love your cloths <3

  5. Felicity325 writes:

    I love Bloom!!!!

  6. Zen1baby writes:


  7. Bloom_my favorite writes:

    I like Bloom, then Stella, then Flora,then Musa, then Tecna, then Aisha

  8. pami writes:

    love this site ,its just cool !

  9. hikru writes:

    Blooms my roll model when it comes to friends.I want to meet the whole winx club in person though its not possible.

  10. allocate88878 writes:

    floras meh fave winx i love u two stella :)

  11. Louise1210 writes:

    I wish I could really meet you in person

  12. aleapau08 writes:

    Cool!! i just watched season 6 but i didn't completed it yet <3

  13. polly0202 writes:

    hi you are funny stella you are the best fairy from lizzy

  14. Tina 2001 writes:

    just Tecna and Musa

  15. simkerbell writes:


  16. winxflora340 writes:

    love it

  17. gulalay writes:

    hi ilove this site

  18. JJRJ writes:

    How do I change my look. (Face) ?????

  19. Besa Elj writes:

    The best Winx Club characters are : Stellla & Bloom. Stella is magical and modern girl; Bloom is strong and stable girl.

  20. Lilly126 writes:

    I love Stella. Stella is my favorite fairy. I also like Bloom and the other Winx Club fairies too. I cannot wait for Flora's next article and Stella's. I love all of you Winx Club fairies!!!! (P.S. one of my friends want to be a witch not a fairy. Weird right guys???!!!)

  21. Saskia Fairy Of Energy writes:

    cool can't wait :) :)

  22. Desiry writes:

    Cool. I can't wait for the next Flora's article. And other's, too.

  23. Darkangels writes:

    this i cool

  24. winxmember writes:

    When you finish the 6 season? Please tell me.

  25. simi07 writes:

    Stella i want to be fashion designer and you are my inspriation

  26. nancey1 writes:

    When is season 6 episode 2 coming out ????

  27. kalila12 writes:

    i am new

  28. kalila12 writes:

    hi i love Roxy stella and Bloom they are my fave

  29. kotoko writes:

    i love all the winx i want to be one of them

  30. kotoko writes:

    hey i'm new here

  31. Daphny11 writes:

    Um powerful-bloom13 have you watch winx season 6 episode

  32. romaisa khan writes:

    i love this game

  33. alime12 writes:

    i just love bloom but i also love all the winx fairies they are awsome and i love their movies'the secret of the lost kingdom'&'magical adventures' i just love winx specially bloom and her sirenix & harmonix transformation are superb

  34. PrincessT writes:

    Hello I am new here how is everyone

  35. sweet bell writes:

    Winx hello my name is Sweetie Bell I follow you sinse was 6 years you have my fauvorite cartoon.A big hug from your number 1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. airiel writes:


  37. music chic13 writes:

    I also agree with kietara

  38. music chic13 writes:

    I think that's awesome can't wait to check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :)

  39. roxyo5o5 writes:

    wow this site is totaly awesome

  40. stellawinx51 writes:

    Rock on my faves are musa flora tecna and Roxy

  41. superwinxgirl980 writes:


  42. Laiba asif writes:

    i like bloom very much because she is my favourite fairy

  43. jocka writes:

    so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. jocka writes:

    super :)

  45. marin_ilse writes:

    ik vind roxy leuk en musa en layla en bloom eigenlijk allenmaal!!!!!

  46. marin_ilse writes:

    ik vind roxy leuk en musa en layla en bloom eigenlijk allenmaal!!!!!

  47. najib writes:

    Im bloom cuz when i was small i always wanted to be bloom

  48. najib writes:

    i love bloom and i am her

  49. sn1 writes:

    i love tecna so muchhhhhh:)... i just wish that they give her more importance by giving her better hair and wings like they do to other winx..:(

  50. Samiriana writes:

    I LOVE:Stella,Aisha,Bloom,Flora and Musa.

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