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Brand new site!

My dear friends! The Winx Club site is bustling with news today! 

Let me show you the part I love best -- the brand new articles' section! It's got a new graphic style and tons of content with the latest fashion trends and -- now you can leave your comments and tell us all about your own experiences!

Ready? Check out the very first article...written by me!


  1. Bianca Baltaretu writes:

    Very cool!

  2. Chrysanthe123 writes:


  3. Dianyx writes:


  4. ukeerthana9 writes:

    i like winx join the club

  5. Bsfmta6 writes:

    Cool outfits Stella

  6. kristal108 writes:


  7. SparxGirl01 writes:


  8. Noelle_Ashlee writes:

    Whoop! I love the articles by Musa and Tecna. They're my fave! #LoveWinxClub

  9. Jackyoto writes:


  10. Jackyoto writes:

    Its good and all that but please get rid of the pink

  11. Jackyoto writes:


  12. Snoopy100 writes:


  13. ilovenature+flora=aisha writes:

    I like Aisha and Flora!

  14. leona904 writes:

    I love season 6 it was great i also love the mystery of the abbys.

  15. leona904 writes:

    I cant wait to see episode 7 it is going to be amazing.

  16. Jackyoto writes:

    To Ashyflora. The episodes are not on TV anymore but the season is still going. You can watch the newest episodes on But only 19 episodes have released in such long time.

  17. Jevarialovewinx11 writes:

    Season 7 will be awesome!! I love the trailer but it told too much information.

  18. lizzie_queen_702 writes:


  19. bloomix9837 writes:

    <----------- My Avatar :) I'm so looking forward to Season 7 !! I wish The Winx Team the best of luck for Season 7's episodes!! I love the Winx, and have awesome episodes!! <3

  20. Jackyoto writes:

    Im looking forward to nickelodeon airing the 7 remaining episodes of season 6 in the US. I have waited so long

  21. Jackyoto writes:

    Hey stella

  22. Jackyoto writes:

    when i registered, there were already so many articles and news, i cant imagine this site without all that

  23. Jackyoto writes:


  24. Jackyoto writes:

    the site is getting better and better but there arent that many games. i hope that there will be something like club penguin on the winx webiste

  25. Marceline_Saga writes:

    wonderful !!!

  26. Jackyoto writes:


  27. Wintermagic15 writes:

    Stella was first there? Cool to know this!

  28. hi_bay writes:


  29. sitenix556+445 writes:


  30. kisjuhaszeliza97 writes:

    I like Musa!

  31. ishi_1 writes:

    loved it

  32. yas_maddah writes:


  33. bloom israel writes:


  34. mahdis_flora writes:

    I like bloom and stella and flora but i hate aisha becuse shes to ugly! no?please say to me

  35. winxclubbloom3 writes:

    my bestfriends are winx!

  36. Apple_Lee writes:

    see that before

  37. ziah writes:

    Nice one Stella

  38. LizzieSwan writes:


  39. Flora#Fan writes:


  40. Timmy1 writes:

    nice! :D

  41. ROXY_5877 writes:

    Great work Stella

  42. aquarna writes:

    So sad I that can't watch the whole season/story 6

  43. Marceline_Saga writes:

    wow !!

  44. Marceline_Saga writes:

    wow !!

  45. Marceline_Saga writes:

    go winx go!

  46. winxbloompretty67 writes:


  47. rebekah05 writes:

    I love it. will i finally be able to shop and have virtule money

  48. jyothsna writes:

    the best winx r tecna,musa.I hope they get more importance in next episodes

  49. raven904 writes:

    so cool

  50. just_me writes:

    i love winx club

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