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  • Pegasus


    3 Jan / 22 Jan

    Hurray for the school!

    The school year starts great. You feel very energetic and active.

    Stella suggests:

    Wear a coloured detail in your hair!

  • Centaur


    23 Jan / 15 Feb

    What a cheerfulness

    Autumn is coming, but in your heart it’s still summer time. You feel cheerful and happy.

    Aisha suggests:

    Sign up for a dance class or a sport.

  • Dryad


    16 Feb / 10 Mar


    Waiting for your charming prince? He could be arriving: Keep your eyes open!

    Musa suggests:

    Write a love song for your boy.

  • Phoenix


    11 Mar / 2 Apr

    Top friends

    New friendships are coming. Don’t believe in appearances, but follow your instinct.

    Bloom suggests:

    Make a gift for your girlfriends!

  • Griffin


    3 Apr / 24 Apr

    Top friendship

    This year, at school, try to meet new girlfriends. You’ll find a best friend!

    Musa suggests:

    How about creating a choreography?

  • Satyr


    25 Apr / 18 May


    After the summer, you are lazy and you don’t feel like doing anything. Recover your energy patiently.

    Aisha suggests:

    Go swimming and think about the sea, it’s relaxing.

  • Elf


    19 May / 10 Jun

    Fairy love

    Love problems in the offing, but don’t worry, everything will be fine soon.

    Tecna suggests:

    Distract yourself with a video game!

  • Chimera


    11 Jun / 2 Jul

    Magical atmosphere

    You are happy to see your friends again after the holidays to tell each other everything.

    Flora suggests:

    An end-of-summer picnic is a magical idea.

  • Hippogriff


    3 Jul / 25 Jul

    Super homework!

    A great start for the school year. You are attentive and you always do your homework. Well done!

    Tecna suggests:

    Visit our website and play to distract yourself!

  • Mermaid


    26 Jul / 18 Aug

    Peaceful family

    You feel like some news. Follow your destiny and you’ll find many. But don’t be scared!

    Bloom suggests:

    Do something you think is difficult!

  • Unicorn


    19 Aug / 10 Sep

    Peace at home!

    You often argue with your brothers and sisters and with your parents? This month things will go better.

    Flora suggests:

    Learn to apologize! It’s not difficult.

  • Nereid


    11 Sep / 2 Oct

    Magical wishes!

    You are still in a good mood: good, it’s your birthday. Get ready to celebrate!

    Bloom suggests:

    Organize a treasure hunt for your party!

  • Elemental


    3 Oct / 25 Oct

    Lots of little hearts!

    A party with your friends will be unforgettable. Magical romanticism continues!

    Stella suggests:

    Wear something with a heart on.

  • Salamander


    26 Oct / 18 Nov

    School, how boring!

    You really don’t feel like going back to school. Make a little effort and you’ll be fine.

    Bloom suggests:

    Read my column, in order to start the school year right.

  • Dragon


    19 Nov / 10 Dec

    Longing for friends

    You feel a bit down because you feel like your girlfriends are neglecting you. Maybe it’s just your impression.

    Stella suggests:

    Wear a dress in your favourite colour!

  • Triton


    11 Dec / 2 Jan

    Home sweet home!

    How nice to be with family! Especially these days that you are very serene.

    Musa suggests:

    Switch off the TV and play a board game.

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