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Best friend party!

Do you want to know which is the trendiest party of the moment?
Are you thinking of a PAJAMA PARTY or a THEME PARTY?
Not at all! The answer is ... the BEST FRIENDS PARTY (BFP)!

Follow these three simple rules to organize it… And fun will be guaranteed!


1)    No more endless guest lists! A few and well selected friends are enough… Real good friends you never get bored with!




2)    Everybody helps to prepare snack time! Each guest brings an ingredient and then you all create an original recipe with a bit of imagination from everybody! We Winx have created the Sirenix Sandwich, which is now our favourite snack!


3)    Free your imagination! Create small, personalized objects to exchange at the end of the party. It's a funny and definitely successful idea! Do you want to know what we Winx created at our last BFP? Some customized masks, very colourful and full of glitter!



We went to, in the I LOVE MAGIC MASK section and we downloaded the images. Then we followed the instructions and… Wow, I've never seen more beautiful masks!

Are you ready to organize your first BFP? Let us know how it went… We're very curious!

Stella - Winx Club


  1. caramel girl writes:

    thank you Stella

  2. Bloom sweetheart writes:

    My friends would love cooking in my Best friend Party!

  3. new winx club writes:

    love it ! surely gonna try it

  4. Aurora$$ writes:

    OMG! im so loving this!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yas maddah writes:

    i like this. thank you stella

  6. tretru writes:

    it is cool

  7. bloom fire princesses writes:

    Best friend party!

  8. mythixflorathefairyofnature writes:

    i love party's and my friends ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  9. ROXY 5877 writes:

    Nice work Bloom

  10. daffodilxx writes:

    yup ready ;)

  11. Flora#Fan writes:

    its cool. its okay for a birthday party too

  12. ifi papaioannou writes:

    COOL!!!I WILL DO IT!!!

  13. Marceline Saga writes:


  14. Marceline Saga writes:


  15. Bloom sweetheart writes:

    I will use this tip for sure when i get permission by my parents to organize party of my own.

  16. emaly writes:

    Wow thanks stella.......

  17. taswinx writes:

    Thanks Stella

  18. princess1678 writes:

    Tank you Stella.This is very good idea. I'll try to organize a BFP with the help of your advice.

  19. court02 writes:

    thanks stella ! you are the best !

  20. eshu barbie writes:

    i had an awesome party!!!!! it was awesome because i have many bff's they are cool!!! we ate many pizza and my mother made fudges and cupcakes we played many games then we went out to shop !!!! and my friends had come to my home for a sleepover!!!!!!! so the next morning we went to a picnic and it was totes amazing!!!!!! it was truly a best friends party!!!!! and thank god my house is big!!!! cause i have many friends!!!!!

  21. eshu barbie writes:

    thnx flora my friend ashley is going to love it plus my other 17 BFF"S ARE ALSO GOING TO LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Noelle Ashlee writes:

    If mom lets me I would try...but i have no idea who to invite.I do not have more than 1 or 2 girls to invite.

  23. Desiry writes:

    I think the BFP will be better than ever if you have music :) Anyway, thanks for the idea, Stella, I love that, and the pijama party too

  24. dryadflora04 writes:

    Sweet :) I have only two BFF but I think we will be very happy in the BFP, all of us like Flora and love the nature ^^

  25. njoca writes:

    I like this idea with friend cards it is great!!!:D

  26. cloudberryfairy writes:

    good idea

  27. bloom1625174243242362466 writes:

    thx!love!!!!!!!!! the idea.

  28. bloomsri writes:

    thanks for the tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love you WINX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. asmit writes:

    love it! sure will try it

  30. 876bloom writes:

    Great idea Stella and also say hi to Bloom and Musa and here is a big HI to you Bloom,Stella,and Musa! I will have to try the BFF party!

  31. davidutzu writes:

    love it !

  32. MissMahtab writes:


  33. Layla261 writes:

    plus i dont like aisha (layla) my fave winx fairy is musa then goes stella. plus i like flora cuz me and my bro like nature and we believe in fairys. dont laugh at me they are actually real.

  34. kokosek321 writes:

    i like winx

  35. Navisha Bloom writes:

    i always wanna to go to slepp over with my friends

  36. bethany1 writes:

    love it

  37. anishawinx writes:

    winxclub is the best evr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the tips Bloom.flora,stella.tecna,musa,aisha(layla) winx 4 ever! <3

  38. hugewinxfan writes:

    thanks i might use these tips for a perfect best friend party thanks

  39. BloomLove909 writes:

    This is really giid advice Stella

  40. soniya224 writes:

    doing BFP is not a bad idea.....we should try at least once.. i am sayin bcoz its posted by my 3rd fav fairy stella

  41. hinky writes:

    not sure i can have one, stella sorry xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  42. winxmiralis writes:

    I can't wait to make one with my BFF !!!

  43. ashlyahly writes:

    It's really awsome.

  44. Setayesh418 writes:

    i am your number one fAN STELLA AND THE WINX WISH YHEY WERE REAL

  45. catlovr5151 writes:

    I am DEFINITELY gonna do that on my next birthday. That is so cool Stella. You should help me plan ALL of my parties! ~Kyra~

  46. laibe writes:

    Best Party Ever my friends loved the idea of it.. Thank you STELLA xoxo Laiba

  47. HappyBunny04 writes:


  48. HappyBunny04 writes:


  49. lucynanmo writes:

    i love party

  50. roxywingsfairy writes:

    i did this kind of party with my best friend that are close to me and they were so happy we danced singed and had a lots fun we did my friends did a salon to my face they made me uggly but i did not mind and had fun :D

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